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Adventure:Elves of Carricsten January 30, 2012

Hi! This is the adventure mentioned on welcome for 1-2 level characters.


PURPOSE:  Say to the adventures,

You have been hearing about raids that kobolds and halflings, working together, have been making on the elven tree town of  Carricsten. The elves are in great distress and need help.

Information for the DM:

The elves have hiding places inside all of the tree trunks in the forest, that all connect to an under ground marsh. The elves can go into the tree as a standard action and can move tree to tree (under ground) using each tree as one square and taking their regular pace.

The kobolds and halflings are also controlling spire top drakes.

The elves have an alliance with the Dryads in the forest, which the adventuring party can upset and make enemies with, if they damage any trees.

The kobold and halfling forces have a base in the surrounding mountains of Travokart.

NOTE: The dryads are to powerful for the characters to fight, so if the characters engage it, have it do one attack and then run away.

If you want, you can have the characters receive an anonymous letter telling them to go to Kiris Dahn(fig 1).

Begin inside a pub in the town of Kiris Dahn. The adventures can order drinks if they wish, but they are hearing shouting coming from another table. It sounds like a drunk yelling about the raids on the elves. It seems that he thinks that the elves deserve to be humbled. If you want, you can read this to the players:

“Aye! Those filthy elves deserve to be attacked for once! It might teach them some humility!” You hear a drunkard shouting. Suddenly he stumbles toward your table and asks you for a drink.

If the characters refuse to buy him an ale, he suddenly pulls out a dagger and sling. The characters then engage in a combat encounter with the drunk. He is a halfling slinger, whose stats can be found in the monster manual on page 152. He fights viciously until he is bloodied, where he retreats to shoot at them. If/when the player kill him, all he has is 25 gp and a few personal items, which you can make up.

If the players buy him a drink, they can try to find out information from him but they need a +12 diplomacy check to find any thing out from him. If the check succeeds, he gives them a map(fig 2). If the player kill himor he wont talk, have them ask around the pub and with a DC 10 diplomacy check, some one in the pub will give them the map. If in any time during this adventure, any random fights break out with townspeople, roll a D20 and have a halfling for rolls 1-5, an elf for 6-20 a kobold for rolls 11-15, and a human for rolls 15-20. I recommend having at least one random encounter.


Have the adventurers start their journey to the forest by navigating on the map they got but after they spend two turns in the forest, have them be attacked by(hidden, so they get a surprise round) halfling stouts(3) and halfling slingers(2)(page 152 of the monster manual) and spire top drakes (2) (page 90 of the monster manual). TACTICS: The halflings make circle around the adventures with gaps for the drakes to attack and start slinging bullets at the players using sling and stone rain until they run out of bullets, where they then move in and attack with their daggers and short swords. If you wish, at the beginning of the fight, you can make 1 or 2 of the halfling slingers move into the woods and make stealth checks to make use of their sniper power.

If the adventures really don’t want to fight, a DC 20 diplomacy check can be made to convince the attackers that it’s in their best interest to leave them alone. Another thing that could be done is a DC16 intimidate check or a DC 13 nature check to either scare the attackers or hide in the forest. (If the nature check succeeds have the characters make a DC9 stealth check)

After the encounter, have the players continue on their way to the Tree Town of Carricsten uneventfully.

The players make it to the tree town. When they get within ten squares of the town, they can begin to hear the sounds of battle. Read this.

You can now see the town of Carricsten and it looks horrible. The sounds of battle are all around you. You hear an angry shout and a fire ball soars over your heads, singing your hair. A body flies out from a hut.


When the players enter the forest, lay out a battle map of a forest and put out miniatures for 3 elf archers(pg 106 of the monster manual), 2 elf scouts(pg 106), 2 grey wolves(pg 264), 3 halfling slingers(pg 152), 5 halfling stouts(pg 152), 1 spire top drake(pg 90), 5 kobold minions(pg 167), and 1 kobold dragon shield(pg 168) if the characters level up in the middle of the fight, take a break to get the new powers. Make sure you remember to make the wolves and elves work with the characters.

TACTICS : Make use of the creatures special powers and if you want use the suggested powers in the monster manual. If they can, have them circle the elves and adventures and have shooters in the back and defenders and attackers in the front. THE BAD GUYS FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!

On the first round of combat, ask the players if they let they elves know that they are on their side. If the players do, have the elves NOT attack them. But if the players don’t have the elves attack them at first but stop when the adventures don’t strike back.

After the battle is over, and every one is dead, deal out xp (keep track during the course of the session) and if the adventures check out enemies persons 20 gp each. The elves graciously thank the characters and give them 30 gp for their troubles and tell them that they have the bow and sword of the elf on beside them forever more. The halflings and kobolds never attack again.  THE END!

NOTE : FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS DO NOT HASTEN TO PUT THEM IN THE COMENT BOX AND I WILL ANSWER THEM TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITIES! I tried to upload pictures of the map but It wouldn’t let me  so you’ll just have to use your imaginations. But as a solution is that you can email me at asking for the map and I can email it to you. So sorry for the inconvenience.


©2012 crowshire


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